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Technically Enhanced Prosecution

The Challenge

The pressure to generate patents quickly and efficiently has always been significant. Unfortunately, this is often contrary to creating the most technically valuable patent possible for current and future marketplaces. ​We understand this dichotomy.

Patent prosecution is one of the most difficult jobs in the intellectual property industry. The pressure to do more with less is constant. Budgets are continually constrained yet management expects more patents to be issued, and to be of the highest possible value to the organization. 

Creating fundamental patents that have value offensively or defensively, with considerations for standard essentiality and future competitive use, can be argued to only be possible with a team that each leads in their respective disciplines. These disciplines include litigation, prosecution, and subject matter expertise. 

The Solution

The solution is teamwork. After years of experience working with leading-edge technology companies, we have learned how to be very efficient while providing a substantiative return on investment for our clients.

We have developed software tools for research and tracking to ensure the team captures critical data that can be used by other IP stakeholders within the organization.

The reality of today's technology licensing landscape is that a single patent can be worth billions of dollars to the patent holder, but only if there is evidence of use. The proof our patent ecosystem accepts and demands is a claim chart. 

Every subject matter expert on our team has experience generating and analyzing claim charts, many for litigation, licensing discussions, or purchase valuations. It Is this breadth of experience that has proven valuable to our clients. There is no substitution for experience.


Our team of subject matter experts has experience working with in-house and outside counsel helping them consider every possible technical aspect of an invention. We have developed a cost-effective approach to support the entire intellectual property team.

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